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Is It Spirit Communication or My Imagination?

When you’re beginning to open up to Spirit, it can be difficult to determine whether the information you’re getting is coming from your imagination or if you are indeed connected and communicating. This will become more clear with time, as the more you practice the more you will be able to tell the difference and know exactly where your information is coming from. However, while you are beginning to navigate your way through, here are two simple ways to tell the difference:

1) Re-Trace Your Thoughts

Imagination will come from a series of thoughts that lead you to the information you are getting. Re-trace your thoughts in your mind and go back to see if your imagination has brought you there.
Spirit communication, on the other hand, will provide information that appears ‘out of nowhere’. Your train of thought couldn’t have brought you to the information you’re receiving.

The more practice you get, the more you will be able to recognize where the information is coming from without having to do this. For example, some people feel the information they receive from Spirit comes from a particular side, and their own thoughts seem to enter from a different area entirely.

While you’re starting out and learning your own unique way of receiving, this little trick will help you verify the source of the information

2) Pay Attention to Repetition

Another useful trick is to set the information aside and ask again.
For example, if you ask Spirit what they did for work while they were here on earth, note the information they give you but set it aside and ask again. You will keep receiving the same information if it is genuine spirit communication, and they will often even get creative and give you the same information but in different ways! If your imagination is making it up, it will give you different information each time.

So remember.. if you keep pushing a thought or a piece of information away and it keeps coming back, you know it is from Spirit and you should pay attention!

Do you have other tricks you’d like to share about how to tell the difference between spirit communication and your imagination?

Share below and let us know!

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