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Learn to See Auras

Our aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds us, also known as our energetic body. It reveals a lot about a person, including their thoughts, feelings, characteristics, personality, etc.

Anyone can learn to see auras, it’s just a matter of training your eyes to see the subtle energy that surrounds us.

Although it may sound difficult, it is actually quite easy! It simply takes practice and consistency, as it is similar to developing a muscle.

Typically, your aura extends approximately 3 feet from your physical body. However, this does change depending on your circumstances. For example, if someone is intimidating you, their aura will push outwards against yours, and yours will diminish. OR if you are physically or emotionally unwell, your aura will be depleted (closer to your body).

A great way to begin learning how to see auras is to start to sense them.

Start paying attention to how you feel around others. Do you notice you feel uplifted in the presence of certain people, and drained around others? This is your aura picking energies up from theirs.

If someone steps into your aura (aka personal space) and you instinctively step back or feel uncomfortable, this is your energy body telling your physical body of the negative vibrations it is picking up. Alternatively, if someone comes close to you and you feel comfortable and relaxed, this is your energy body feeling those calm, loving vibrations.

To practice, stand next to someone and pay close attention to how you feel in their presence.

Take a deep breath in, and slowly exhale. Relax your body. Take another deep breath in, and slowly exhale.

Focus on any sensations you feel, both physically and emotionally.

Once you begin to notice the vibrations you pick up from those around you, then you can move onto physically seeing auras.

Here are a couple exercises to start with:


While looking at this photo below, focus on the black dot in the middle.

Hold your gaze, and resist the urge to look elsewhere.

Pay attention to the blue and red images with your peripheral vision.

After gazing for about 30 – 60 seconds, you will start to notice that they seem to be surrounded by an aura of a different colour.


In this exercise, focus on the blank space between the blue and red symbols.

Allow your gaze to naturally fall out of focus. You will notice that you start to see TWO of each symbol, with the middle ones overlapping to form a white cross.

It’ll look something like this:

The goal is to hold that image and keep the cross shown just like that.

This is training your left brain and right brain to work together!

Once you have practiced with those exercises, you can move onto practicing seeing your own aura!

Stand with a solid colour wall behind you (white or light coloured would be ideal) and have a mirror in front of you so you can see your head and shoulders.

OR simply extend your arm and put your hand out in front of you with your fingers spread.

Don’t focus directly on the outline of your body, but rather somewhere close by so you can just see your outline in your peripheral vision.

If you are doing this exercise looking in the mirror, you might focus on a spot on your forehead. If you are doing this exercise looking at your hand, you might focus on your fingertips.

Stare at this spot for 30-60 seconds to allow your eyes to fall out of focus.

There is no need to stress or strain your eyes.. just let it happen naturally.

You will start to see a ‘haze’ around you (in your peripheral). It will appear like a transparent fog or soft glow at first, and with practice you will be able to start to see the colours.

Every thought and interaction we have is reflected within our auras, so they are multicoloured and ever-changing.

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