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What It Means to ‘Trust the Universe’ and How to Align With It’s Magic

Trust is a practice. An art, really.

In the world of wellness & spirituality, there is a lot of emphasis on ‘letting go’ and ‘trusting the universe’.. but what does that really mean?

‘Trusting the universe’ isn’t about being saved from this invisible, elevated force that is going to swoop in and save us from everything. That frame of mind only causes us to feel dependent, weak, & disempowered.

Trusting the universe is more about trusting that still, small voice that is the source of inspiration inside of you.. taking guided action, and trusting that the universe is supporting you to get there.

Sometimes we get hung up on the fact that we can’t see the straight line to HOW we will get what we want.. but the thing is, we aren’t supposed to. That’s the universe’s job.

Things go much more smoothly when we a l l o w them to happen rather than force them to happen by trying to control or push our way through. Our job is to simply set our intention on what we want and why, and allow ourselves to be intuitively guided to the steps we need to take along the way.. at the pace they come in.

Visualize your goal, feel good about your goal.. and the universe will take care of the rest.


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