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What Gives Crystals Their Meanings?

A common question I get asked is.. “What gives crystals their meanings?!”⠀

Crystals are categorized according to their crystalline structure. Their structure influences different levels of your subtle energy systems.⠀

These crystalline structures include: Trigonal, Cubic, Hexagonal, Tetragonal, Orthorhombic, Monoclinic, & Triclinic.⠀

TRIGONAL – continually gives off energy and balances the subtle body and meridians (example: Carnelian)⠀

CUBIC – repairs damaged cellular structures (example: Garnet)⠀

HEXAGONAL – gives off energy that encourages growth and vitality. Can also be used for healing, balancing, and enhancing creativity (example: Emerald)⠀

TETRAGONAL – absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy (example: Black Tourmaline)⠀

ORTHORHOMBIC – assists in bringing perspective to issues, and magnifies and removes what is not important (example: Sodalite)⠀

MONOCLINIC – facilitates expansion and growth and clears away blocks to inner vision (example: Moonstone)⠀

TRICLINIC – balances energy that is out of alignment (example: Rhondonite)⠀


You don’t need to know all this when you’re shopping for your crystals, but that’s how each type of crystal gets their meaning associated to them – by their scientific crystalline structure.

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